About me

Dr. Mohamed Y. Dualeh is a practicing Medical Doctor who graduated from Hope University,
Somalia; with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Degree and has admitted his Master of Medicine (M. Med.) in Family Medicine at Clarke International University, Uganda.

He demonstrated good history of working in the Hospital & Health Care industry and skilled in Clinical Practice, Project Management, Health & Nutrition Services, and Research. Dr. Dualeh is strongly interested in Healthcare Services where he is currently pursuing his graduate studies in Healthcare Administration from Northeastern State University, USA.
Dr. Dualeh works at Hargeisa TB Hospital, a government hospital for the treatment and care for the people affected by chest diseases and tuberculosis, and runs his private practice afternoons.
He has five years of clinical practice and his passion in developing his career in management, professionalism and good leadership in healthcare landscape has led him to join Health Systems Management Association (HeSMA) as a professional member and then he had managed to work hard to bring together a cadre of healthcare professionals in his region with similar ideals and value in strengthening health systems in Somaliland and Somalia by inspiring his associates towards better leadership practices in the health systems in his country which led him to the position of HeSMA SOM Branch Chair.